Why Fabric Napkins?

Impress your customers

Nothing says fine dining like a soft, luxurious fabric napkin. Easily impress your customers by upgrading one of the most used items in a restaurant. But don’t stop there! Kick it up a notch with a fully customized fabric napkin with your logo, adding the fine details. Every little detail adds to the customer experience. A perfectly folded custom fabric napkin waiting for them at their table can speak volumes.

Time to Go Green

Reusable products are on the rise and customers are becoming more environmentally aware. The impact of paper napkins on the environment is staggering. It’s time to show your customers you care about our planet and are taking steps to cut back on waste. 

Recent surveys conducted among Millennials and Gen X consumers revealed that these groups will support businesses that choose to be environmentally friendly. Cutting the use of paper napkins is one visible example of how what you do in your restaurant can sway the customer in your direction.

Grocery stores are doing it with plastic, so can you!

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Reinforce your brand

Distinguish yourself from others and reinforce your brand with a custom fabric napkin. Every second there is a chance to imprint your brand on your customer. While waiting in the lobby browsing the area, seated waiting for their meal or even cleaning their child’s face, there’s a moment to make an imprint.

Again and again their brain can take a snapshot of your logo and associate it with the wonderful aroma coming from your kitchen and imprint it. 

Voila-brand recognition!