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When we dine inside a restaurant these days, considering the current social distancing rules, it is such a treat. We find ourselves noticing every little detail, like what’s on the walls, the plant at the cash register, the soft glow of the lighting and oh- the napkins at the table.

bistro napkin in casual restaurant setting
The bistro napkin adds to the ambiance of delicious food.

Rather than those solid white or red standard napkins, we seem to notice more and more a seemingly new striped breed- the bistro stripe napkin. And like the first women with colorful stripes in their hair, now the look is everywhere. You walk down the street and even silver haired grandmas have purple highlights and there are colorful striped napkins in your favorite steak house. These are a new breed of an old kitchen staple, the bistro napkin.

The bistro napkin is different than traditional napkins. Instead of being square, it is a rectangle at 18 by 22 inches and has stripes running along the long sides.

We all know that there is “nothing new under the sun” and the bistro napkin is no exception. The inspiration for this popular napkin is the old French kitchen towel.

french restaurant open air dining bistro napkins
The Bistro Napkin originated in France where it was a humble kitchen towel.

The bistro napkin found its way into some restaurants on the east coast about eight years ago. It then grew in popularity on the west coast and has spread both ways inward toward the center of the country. 

No one can predict when a new style or if a newly introduced style will catch on. But what some call a glorified tea towel has won the hearts of so many restaurant owners and country club general managers.

Some attribute the success of the bistro napkin to its versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down. You will find the bistro napkin in casual street cafes and upscale steak restaurants at the table as well as wrapped around a $500. Bottle of wine being poured into a crystal glass.

casual dining pastry course bistro napkin
Complete your color story with blue napkins dyed to match your blue dinnerware.

. But the traditional cloth napkins, associated with fine dining were viewed as “too elegant” and “too stuffy.” They were looking for a napkin that said “small and intimate,” as well as comfortable, not too formal but also high quality food.

Enter the bistro napkin. Some say it’s as trendy as ramen noodles, formerly deemed food for poor college students. Its success is not only the look, but the feel as having more body than the traditional napery. Its blend of cotton and spun polyester as well as 100% spun polyester gives it extra body and feels thicker to the touch. This blend also extends the life of the product. And this brings the update to the classic French tea towel which is typically all cotton or linen.

Bistro napkins provide a pop of color to your table. The yarn that is the woven stripe color is yarn dyed- that is dyed to the desired color separately than the other threads in the weave. So it is possible to match a logo color of the restaurant and/or change the traditional stripe to a different configuration of stripes or other stripe-like designs and even add a logo to the weave.

wide striped blue and white napkins
Napkins with colored stripes can be an accent color to round out a color story for your restaurant.

Keeping the same traditional pattern of the bistro stripe, it is now possible to do a “reverse bistro.”  In this configuration, the body of the napkin is the design color and the stripe is white. This is particularly effective with table settings that feature all white or ivory plates, cups.

Your customers are part of the paradigm shift where their favorite restaurant is a part of their life and they want to feel like home there. Whether it’s farm-to-table, or a theme restaurant, the customized bistro napkin will give that homey personal feeling tot their dining experience. Some restaurant experts are astonished that this “glorified” tea towel is such a hit. Since this napkin can be a home in an opera house or a local country western bar, it seems to give a feeling of connection to the customer.

 Now the challenge is to make it special and individual and take this restaurant staple to the next level.

custom bistro cloth napkin color matched with logo
Custom Bistro cloth napkin for Earth Wind and Flour Restaurant

. Dreamtex specializes in just that. Our company slogan is “you dream it, we create it.” From different stripe configurations to woven in logos, we can help your restaurant connect that comfortable at home feeling to your establishment.

Our customers love their custom logo napkins. They tell us that their customers really notice them. After all the napkin is the most personal item in your restaurant other than the food and drink. It is the first thing that they pick up, and the last thing that they put down. Make their experience complete.

custom font matching logo custom configuration for bistro napkin
Bistro Napkin custom dyed yarn colors to achieve a match for the logo.

Custom napkins will also jog your customer’s memory when they are new to your eatery, because they will have looked at your logo at least a dozen times while they are enjoying their meal.

Although they are custom to your design, you can send our napkins to your regular laundry. You do not have to wash them yourself.

When you are ready to impress your customers and boost your brand, contact us. Just go to and use our contact us page. We will get back to you and in a short phone conversation and follow up email, we can get the party started.

standard bistro napkins yarn dyed colors
Dreamtex creates a custom look with custom colors to match a logo.

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